Ice Packing in Warm Weather

During the Warm Weather,

  • Use a shipping address such as a PO box or other address where the mail is delivered inside by the postal (not UPS) carrier
  • Add "INCLUDE ICE PACKS" to your order at $8.95 additional cost if your destination temperature is over 75 degrees
  • Do not ship to an address where your order will be delivered to an outside mailbox. Your order will likely melt there, even with additional ice packs
  • Please note that we suspend shipping from July 1st to August 31st. We ship only when we can adequately protect the chocolate and avoid melting when ice packs are included. We do not ship from July 1st to August 31st, due to the very warm weather.

By including ice packs, your order will ship as soon as possible within the Mon-Wed/Thur shipping dates. If you do not add ice packs and there is upcoming cooler weather within the next week in your zip code, your order will be held for shipping when the weather is cooler.